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GAIA takes the time to analyze legacy data and translates digitization into digitalization.

About Us
GAIA was founded in 2015 to solve critical infrastructure issues by collaborating with community leaders and stakeholders to re-imagine an equitable planet that integrates the best of technology, nature, people and policy. While realizing shared value and profitable transformations across multiple sectors.

We are more than just Energy Consultants.

Gaia Green Earth are stewards of a sustainable future. This Future will be determined by our response today. Gaia provides mission-critical insights to communities and empowers people to activate their ownership in the planet’s ecosystem.
We have tested, many solutions in our combined experience. Our Theory of Change is rooted in community reimagination.

Legacy Energy systems have not provided reliable sustainability, Community Solar demonstrated and validated, that we can reduce low to Middle income (LMI) families living costs by 30-40 % by using state-of-the-art technology, which is available and feasible NOW. In our vision, our community members collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy. This vision becomes reality with the deployment of more decentralized solar projects, in a strategic plan that scales and makes smart energy usage in the world of connectivity not only a necessity but the standard.

The Gaia Infinite Realm is avertical, high-tech all-inclusive enabling solution, consisting of connected Internet of Things (IoT) elements (things, processes, data, people) and the Virtual Power Platform (VPP). It uses Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. It runs in the cloud, available as a service. Gaia Infinite Realm and connected IoT will execute thousands of calculations per second. Each calculation will result in a small benefit and a small slice of revenue, which will accumulate every second.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, patented multi-objective optimization and blockchain technology allows us to disrupt the electricity market and implement a collaborative sharing economy business model, which distributes numerous benefits to the participating users.

Gaia Green Earth has envisioned this future based on existing products and solutions which Gaia offers.. To take the opportunity of this moment we have the technology (IoT, blockchain, AI), the necessary conditions as sale and distribution of energy is starting to deregulate, and finally, the consumers are keen to join a collaborative consumption model where they see benefits. By upgrading our solutions and connecting all participants with the platform, we will create communities, which will be beneficial for everyone.

Gaia delivers integrated Community & Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) for residential subscribers and owners which synchronize with critical peak information and automatically lower the consumption to the minimum acceptable for the required comfort and safety. The house owner takes advantage of being able to adopt a dynamic tariff, not sacrificing his/her comfort at the same time.

Pioneers in Green Energy

Gaia helps communities transform into collaborative environments that create equity and inclusion through shared access ecosystems.

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

A Fusion of Expertise at Gaia Green Earth

At Gaia Green Earth, our strength lies in the diversity and depth of our team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to our mission of revolutionizing sustainable energy and smart infrastructure solutions. Here’s a glimpse into the breadth of expertise that powers our innovative projects:

Failure Analysis Experts

Our team includes seasoned professionals in failure analysis who have honed their skills in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities in complex systems. With experience spanning various industries, they ensure that our solutions are robust, reliable, and resilient. Their insights drive continuous improvement, helping us deliver high-quality, durable products and services.

Design and Build Specialists

From concept to construction, our design and build specialists are masters of their craft. They have a rich background in creating and implementing cutting-edge designs for energy and infrastructure projects. Their work ensures that our solutions are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, aligning with our vision of a greener future.

Water Resource Engineers

Water is a critical component of our environmental efforts, and our team includes experts in water resource management. These professionals have extensive experience in designing systems that optimize water usage, enhance conservation, and ensure sustainable supply. Their work is pivotal in integrating water efficiency into our broader energy and infrastructure projects.

Energy Innovators

Our energy innovators are at the forefront of renewable energy solutions. With backgrounds in solar, wind, and other renewable technologies, they bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Their expertise enables us to develop and deploy clean energy systems that reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability.

IoT and Smart Building Engineers

In the era of smart technology, our IoT and smart building engineers are key to our success. They specialize in integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices into building systems, creating intelligent environments that enhance energy efficiency and user experience. Their work ensures that our projects are future-ready, leveraging the latest technological advancements.

AI and Data Science Specialists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science are integral to our innovative solutions. Our team includes AI specialists and data scientists who excel in developing algorithms and models that optimize energy consumption, predict maintenance needs, and improve overall system performance. Their expertise enables us to harness the power of data for smarter decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Experts

In a digital world, data centers and cloud infrastructure are crucial to our operations. Our team includes professionals with extensive experience in designing, building, and managing data centers and cloud solutions. Their expertise ensures that our energy and smart infrastructure projects are supported by robust, scalable, and secure digital frameworks, enhancing reliability and performance.

Why Our Diverse Expertise Matters

The multidisciplinary nature of our team at Gaia Green Earth allows us to tackle complex challenges from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive and effective solutions. This diversity not only enriches our projects but also fosters a collaborative environment where innovative ideas thrive.

We believe that our team’s varied experiences and backgrounds are a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Together, we are driving the future of green energy and smart infrastructure, one project at a time.

Join Us in Our Mission

At Gaia Green Earth, we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who share our vision of a sustainable future. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team or learning more about our work, please contact us. Together, we can make a difference.